Pet Odor Removal

Stop Pet Odor in Its Tracks

Pets are our best friends but sometimes they make messes that cause foul stains and odors. Quick and professional attention to these messes will have everything looking and smelling like new.

We use The Pet Odor Eliminator, a professional strength product that is a serious pet odor remover. The Pet Odor Eliminator utilizes five different active enzymes that actually feed off of the urine residue. They attack and decompose the organic components found in urine. In fact, the new bacterial strains used have a superior germination and outgrowth rate which accelerates bacterial activity of the product to quickly consume the urine residue which results in pet odor removal.

Pet Odor Urine Contamination Facts

  • Decomposing urine produces foul smelling amino acids or “amines” which, over a period of time, can actually combine with a synthetic or natural fiber to produce a permanent pet odor source.
  • After cleaning and pet odor treatment, a pet’s sense of smell (especially a dog) is so acute they will still be able to smell the original source and more than likely remark the area. So, it is recommended to not allow your pet access to the previously contaminated area.
  • Address a urine pet odor problem sooner rather than later. When a pet accident is discovered, use a towel, and blot up the urine before it has a chance to soak into the carpet or upholstery.