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Upholstery Stain Removal


You've just spilled a glass of wine on your living room sofa—what do you do now?

It's important to act promptly but not to panic.

Follow these upholstery cleaning guidelines to control a spill and prevent a stain.



Act quickly before a spill spreads or dries.


Stain Removal Guide

 Check the manufacturer's label for any cleaning instructions and/or fabric cleaning code.  

The following are the standard fabric cleaning codes used by furniture manufacturers. Use these codes to determine what types of cleaning methods are appropriate for your fabric: 

The following are steps for the stain removal process

·        Always test water or a cleaning agent by applying to the same upholstery fabric on a hidden area of the upholstered piece.

·        Allow the test area to dry completely, then check its effect on the fabric. Apply water or a cleaning agent (as recommended in the stain removal guide) in small doses to avoid spreading the stain or causing a ring. Be patient; apply several times, blotting firmly with a dry paper towel to soak up the liquid after each application.

·        Never rub a fabric; rubbing could result in damage to the nap, loss of color, or spreading of the stain.

·        Restore the nap on velvet by brushing gently before it dries.

·        To avoid water spotting, use a fan or cool blow dryer (on a cool setting) to accelerate drying. Dry from the outer edge of the affected area toward the center.

·        If the stain persists, seek professional upholstery cleaning assistance.

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