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Reviews & Testimonials

Grayson, I am sooooo delighted. I had forgotten how beautiful my carpets were.
And …….
Grayson, having you here was easy and painless.

Nancy Morrow


We have recently started to use Grayson Smith Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for our Legacy Center property. In one of our suites, there had been a large spot that I thought was permanent. It had been there for 3 years and over this period, 2 other cleaning companies had not been able to remove it. To my delight, after Grayson Smith Company cleaned the suite, the spot was gone. They are professionals and skilled at their work. I would recommend them to anyone.

David Peck Jr.
Legacy Center


When we purchased our new white sectional sofa, we chose the Grayson Smith Company to protect it - and am I glad we did!  When the sofa was about 2 months old we hosted a wine club event at our house.  We were happy to not have had any spills and assumed we made it through the evening unscathed.  However, in the light of the next day, we realized that one of our guests must have been wearing new, unwashed jeans, because everywhere he sat on the sofa (several areas) blue dye had transferred!  I panicked! Luckily, Walter came out the very next day and, because of the Teflon protectant he had already applied, the dye came right out!

So glad we chose Grayson Smith Company to care for our furniture.  Working with Walter was a pleasure and I would recommend not only protecting your valuable furniture with a good protectant, but I would also highly recommend Walter and Grayson Smith Company.

Terrie and Dave Brown
Collierville TN


I have two 8 year old club chairs and an ottoman that my dog loves to lay on. They were very dirty. Awhile back I had the company cleaning my carpets try to clean them. No Improvement. Not too long ago I sent one of my cushions to a company that specializes in upholstery cleaning. No Improvement. I like the chairs and did not want to reupholster them. A friend told me to call Grayson Smith Company. She said “If anyone can clean them, those guys can”. I called. They cleaned them and the chairs and ottoman look great. Plus, they were a joy to have in my home.

Gail Jinks


I had the Grayson Smith Company come out and apply their Premium Protector to my new rug in our garden room. Not more than 1 week later, my german shepherd threw up in the middle of the rug. The vomit was grass with a lot of stomach acid. I cleaned up what I could and had Walter (Grayson Smith Company) come out to remove what was left. I am so glad I had the rug treated because the fabric protection did its job. The spot is gone and the rug looks great.

Marcia Malone


I have an older  black Labrador dog . He loves  to rub against the sofa and he also likes to scratch his nose on it. Because of this, my sofa was very dirty, especially the skirts and seat cushions. When Grayson finished cleaning it, the sofa looked like NEW.  I was very surprised how much body oil and dirt came out.  I think that anyone who has pets should call Grayson.

Cile and Flip Brooks


For the 20 years that we have been in this home, Grayson has always helped us both during regular cleanings and whenever emergencies arise. His advice is solid and the results are excellent. He is dependable, honest and always finds ways to accommodate our needs. Plus, he adds a lot of humor on all his visits! We also appreciate that he supports both the Junior League and Botanic Gardens, two institutions we feel are real assets to Memphis. We are extremely happy with Grayson’s work and do not even consider using anyone else.

Anne and Tommy Keesee


We have girls and pets that can create problems for our rugs and furniture. Grayson has been cleaning our rugs and furniture since the 1990’s and saved them countless times. He always does a wonderful job and one of the other benefits is that he cleans our rugs at our home. Therefore, we do not have to deal with the inconvenience and extra expense of sending them out and they always look great.

Thank You Grayson.

Julie and Malcolm Saxon


Grayson has been my choice for the cleaning and protecting of my fabrics from when we lived in “The Village” up to where we live now. I consider him as the one I take with me wherever I go. He does excellent work and is trustworthy. In fact, I have no problems leaving while he is cleaning and having him lock up when done. It is a pleasure having him cleaning in my home.

Stephanie and Heiskell Weatherford


We have a teenage boy with his room (the boy cave) right off of the den. As a result, the den gets a lot of traffic from my son and his friends. After Grayson cleaned the carpet, it looked wonderful and smelled great. In fact, I overheard my teenage son telling one of his friends "that the carpet was so clean it was 'creepy'!"   

Thanks again,   
Dot Neale


We have a dog named Outlaw or I should say that my husband calls him Outlaw. I call him Tee-Tee Dog. This term of endearment comes from his many accidents within our home. (I am not always sure that they are indeed accidents but possibly a way for the outlaw in him to get back at me when he is not happy). Grayson has performed many spot cleaning saves on our oriental rugs and I am not sure how he makes them look so good. Tee-Tee Dog has a very potent urinary system. But the real save by Grayson was when he addressed the wonderful doggy aroma within our house. We have a play room over our attached garage. There is a set of stairs with a landing at the top leading into the room. Tee-Tee Dog has decided to claim the stairs and landing as his property and continually set his scent all over that area. He really did a good job making sure anyone who came in our house (and especially in the back of the house) knew of his kingdom. It took two different trips by Grayson, but the odor is gone and I do not mean that it is covered up by some perfume smell but it is gone. Thanks to Grayson Smith, I once again can experience the joy of inviting people over to our home. 


Sara O’Ryan

PS: Grayson also applied a Teflon Protectant to our carpet and the teflon is doing its job. Outlaw tee teed and I sopped it right up with a towel!!!  Yeah!!!!



Thank you for the wonderful job in the cleaning of our white carpets recently.  The pet stain is gone, and the rooms smell so fresh.  You have continued to keep our carpets and upholstery in top notch shape for many years.   As you know, I suffer from allergies and your excellent service has also helped me to breathe better.  I would gladly recommend you to anyone who will listen.


Seldon and Carolyn Murray
Germantown, TN


Situation: The Hotel had 4 large club chairs in the lobby. They had been cleaned before and the job was unsatisfactory. Management was surprised how quickly they became dirty again. Grayson Smith Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning was brought in to solve the problem.

Ms. Spoor quote:

Grayson:  You do good work and the big man was very well pleased”

Shirley Spoor
Hotel Support Group
Hilton Hotels, USA


I have a set of dining room chairs that are completely upholstered and very beautiful. However, after eight years of use through holiday meals and dinner events with friends and family, the chairs were showing their use. Based on the stains and due to some amateur cleaning attempts, I was worried they were ruined and would have to be replaced. To my great surprise, Grayson cleaned the chairs and they look absolutely BRAND NEW! I highly recommend Grayson Smith Carpet & Upholstery cleaning. They are very reliable, conscientious and good at their job.  

Marilyn Blumbeks
Premier Agent
Century21 River Oaks Maselle
Germantown, Tennessee 38138


I had a single family dwelling investment property. The tenants moved out and I decided to sell the property. Based on the way the carpets looked, I was considering replacement. However, the decision was made to have them cleaned and to address concerns with the carpet condition during the price negotiation. I was extremely pleased after hiring Grayson Smith. The carpets looked great with concerns over the carpet condition completely removed. He saved me $4,000 by not having to replace them.

Tom Hamilton
Hamilton Builders


I spent several hours researching the best company in carpet cleaning. Matter of fact, I chose Grayson Smith Company above and beyond eleven other companies. Mr. Smith was most patient and knowledgeable. He was truly concerned on helping me deal with cleaning and deodorizing my house, as I have an “animal spotting” problem. I am very satisfied with the job done and the price was very reasonable.

Thank you,

Dawn G.

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