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Do-It-Yourself Tips for Taking Care of Your Carpets & Rugs
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Cleaning Tips

Do It Yourself Spot cleaning Video

Spot Cleaning, Avoid off the Shelf Cleaners

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning with Home Cleaning Equipment

Tricks for Addressing Spills Quickly

Removing Candle Wax

Upholstery Spills, How to Deal with Them

The Biggest Vacuuming Goofs

Pet Accidents, What do You Do

Pet Hair: Tips on controlling it in the home

General Tips

Tips on Buying a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Considerations When Buying New Carpets

Black Lines Along the Wall, What Is It?

Fabric Protectors, Why They are Beneficial

Dry Cleaning Upholstery, Is It Really Necessary

Carpet and Rug Pads, Why they are good

Wool Carpets, The Good and The Bad

Wool Carpets & Piling (fibers in Vacuum)

Sculpted Carpets , The Good and The Bad


Commandments of Carpet Care to Keep Them Looking Nice Longer

How to Prevent Premature Wear Patterns from Occurring

Upholstery Maintenance & Care

Removing Furniture Dents in Carpets & Rugs

Tips for Making Rugs Last Longer

Sisal Rugs - The Do's and Don'ts

Door Mats - They Really Make a Difference

Vacuuming - Video on Imbedded Dirt