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Walter Polk

 I have always been a “Hands On” person that loves a good challenge. I enjoy people, have yet to find a problem that cannot be solved and will never compromise my integrity. All these attributes have provided me with a full life and opportunities very few people have experienced. While my history has been exciting, I must say the cleaning industry has brought me the most pleasure. It is very gratifying to see a job done right from beginning to end, to see the fruits of my labor and best of all, to see the happy looks on our clients face.

I was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee, graduated from Christian Brothers College with a degree in mechanical engineering and went to work with McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis. I was in their astronautics division and was put into various leadership positions. While in St. Louis, I met my wife and decided to join her family business, safety distribution. After a short period, I was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and was instrumental in growing the business from a 15 million dollar company to one that was over $50 million in sales. The company was sold and I started a new concept retail store focusing on the safety and worker market. The retail world was not enjoyable to me and I closed that venture. At this time, Grayson Smith, a long time friend, was interested in transitioning his business to someone he respected and trusted. In 2007, he offered me a partnership position in his company. I accepted, moved back to Memphis and am enjoying every minute.

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